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SURU Custom Colour & Graphics

SURU Custom Colour & Graphics

SURU Custom Colour & Graphics


Place your order for a SURU S19 Custom electric bike, and make it as unique are you.  Send us a colour swatch, colour reference code, or a photo of a design you love and we will make a SURU frame to match.  

Have a business or organization and want your company logo on your bike?  We can do that.  From simple vector graphics to fully photo-realistic images, the sky is the limit.


Custom graphics are printed on exterior grade vinyl that is designed for vehicle use, with 10 year resistance to fading and peeling.  The colours hold fast even in direct sunlight, when exposed to road salt and many chemicals found on the road.

Once you place your order, SURU will email you to begin the custom design process.  Additional time is required for production and delivery (typically 10-15 days).  Some restrictions apply.  Contact us if you have any questions.


Power              : 48 volts, 500 Watts
Battery             : 816 Watt-hour, USB charge port, SONY cells
Drive System   : Single speed fixie crank with Gates Carbon belt drive
Frame              : SURU SAF all aluminum stressed-skin monocoque
Suspension     : Front, telescopic EBR fork, CNC-machined triple clamps
                        : Rear, dual TSW coil over struts, preload adjustable
Lighting           : Front, 1600 lumen LED, aluminum housing, handlebar switch
                        : Rear,  200 lumen LED, aluminum housing
Tires                : Shinko 17" x 2.5", DOT rated for 110 km/h under 200 kg load
Brakes             : Front, Grimeca 110 mm self-adjusting drum, rated for 110 km/h
                        : Rear, AVID mechanical disc
Colours           : Red, Blue, Black, Copper* and Chrome* 


* Copper and Chrome finish are $450 extra, available on request.