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Pre Order SURU S19

Pre Order SURU S19

Pre Order SURU S19


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                Shipping to US and Europe Begins May 2019.

Longer Range & Lower Pricing.  SURU is bicycle easy with moped ability.  

Revised and updated for 2019, the SURU S19 is a new breed of lightweight, comfortable, long range e-bike that can scoot you up steep hills, tackle bad pavement and whatever daily life throws at it without bruising your ego or bending a wheel.

Featuring SURU's revolutionary aluminum monocoque frame, the S19 is a full suspension, street legal electric bicycle that's lighter than many rigid, conventional e-bikes but much tougher and easier to use. 

All of the critical electronics are contained safely out of harms way inside the frame, where severe weather or vandals cannot reach.  The battery is lockable, but removes easily from its storage space under the seat for easy charging indoors.

SURU is the only electric bicycle designed with DOT certified, motorcycle grade wheels, brakes and suspension provide the safest, most controlled ride in the e-bike market. Say goodbye to getting wheels straightened, flat tires and harsh riding over bumps.  SURU is a near zero maintenance solution.

High powered 1600 lumen, DOT certified lights are the most powerful in the business, and make sure you see and are seen.  Built in, not bolted on, they cannot be stolen, left turned on by accident and are virtually shatter proof.


SURU bikes are electric powered bicycles, for use on roads and trails, including bicycle paths (check your local authorities for regional regulations). 

Please select your regional model from the drop down menu on the order page.


SURU Bikes are legally classified as "power assisted cycles" by the Canadian government and are fully MVSA 2(1) compliant as 48 volt, 500 Watt electric motor powered cycle with independent pedal drive.  


In the United States SURU is road legal in most States (check with your local authorities) as a bicycle or power-assist bicycle and requires no tags, insurance or licensing.  US Model SURU bikes are compliant as 48 volt, 750 Watt electric motor powered cycle with independent pedal drive.  In the state of California SURU is classified as Type 1-E.

European Union

In the European Union countries SURU is restricted to 250 Watts and a top speed of 20 km/h.   

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