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What is a SURU?

SURU Cycles are electric bicycles that can be ridden using only battery powered motors like a moped, or pedalled like a bicycle.

Do I need a license to use one?

No. All SURU cycles are legally classified as power assisted bicycles, or motorized bicycles across Canada and most of the United States. Operators must be at least 18 years of age and wear an approved bicycle helmet. Please consult your local department of motor vehicles for precise regulations in your area.

How fast can it go?

SURU cycles are electronically limited to a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph) on motor power, in accordance with Transport Canada and US federal laws for e-bikes. But when gravity takes over coasting down a hill they are allowed to go much faster, and the design can easily handle it.

Do SURU cycles come assembled?

All SURU cycles come factory assembled with all components attached, except for the front wheel, pedals and battery. Installing the wheel takes less than 5 minutes, and the battery comes charged and just needs to be inserted under the seat and switched on.

What happens if something goes wrong with my SURU?

Contact us! SURU is here to make your ride a great experience. If there is a mechanical problem with your SURU that requires a new part, we will ship it to you or any bicycle shop of your choice, with detailed instructions. If the problem was caused by a material or manufacturing defect, we will warranty the work or replace the part(s).

What does the SURU lifetime warranty really mean?

It means SURU wants to build trust and pride in our products. If your SURU fails to deliver the quality you expect or suffered a defect in manufacturing or materials, we will repair or replace it. Please check our warranty page for more.

Can SURU go off road?

Yes, but SURU cycles are road vehicles first. Built tough, they can handle terrain like dirt or gravel roads easily, but are not intended for extended off-road use, such as hammering down rutted single track.

When can I expect to receive my SURU after placing an order?

It's our plan to begin deliveries in early 2018, and build up a standing inventory by summertime so that orders can be fulfilled immediately thereafter.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. All SURU One orders may be cancelled and are fully refundable up until manufacturing begins. You will be notified by email before this happens.

Is SURU crowdfunding?

No. SURU is a legitimate manufacturing company that has invested time and money to design and engineer a vehicle professionally. Any crowdfunding activity will be strictly used to increase sales and awareness.