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SURU is ideal for operators of bike fleets.  For tourist rentals, local deliveries, transportation within industrial installations, or urban police patrols, SURU bikes provides easy to use, heavy duty service for the long haul.

 SURU Fleet is designed to translate into value for your organization.  

  • lower annual operating costs
  • lowest down time due to service
  • 18 square feet in advertising / branding space 
  • attention-grabbing, unique design
  • easy to use by anyone - if you can ride a bicycle, you can ride SURU
  • custom design service 

SURU is the only e-bike designed to motorcycle industry standards using bespoke components, not off-the-shelf bicycle parts.  Wheels, tires and lighting are DOT type-approved for highway use.  That means no more bent rims, pinch flat tires, or cracked and broken lights.  Ever.

SURU wheels are 3 times stronger than the best so-called heavy duty bicycle rims. Front and rear lights are built-in, not bolted on. Batteries and electronics are completely contained inside the aerospace-grade aluminum monocoque frame, protecting them from the elements, tampering or theft.

Together with our bespoke design and branding service, your SURU fleet will get delivered ready to deploy, expanding your reach and brand awareness.

Questions?  Email us for a Fleet Services brochure or to arrange to speak with SURU about your specific requirements.  9am-5pm Atlantic Standard Time (GMT -4)