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Born from technology developed in the world's first fully monocoque electric superbike, the featherweight Amarok P1 (pictured above), SURU was created to address the need for a quality, integrated-design electric bicycle in a market saturated with mediocre conversions. 

Motorcycle industry veteran Michael Uhlarik co-founded SURU together with Kevin O'Neil and a few friends to create an electric vehicle that had all the virtues of a bicycle; easy on-off use and light weight; and combine it with the comfort and engineering of a motorcycle.

Michael created a unique design that is strong, practical and easy to manufacture, by leveraging decades of experience and a design philosophy cultivated by designing motorcycles for brands like Yamaha, Aprilia, and Bombardier.  

Best of all, it is all made in Canada, not offshore, assembled using more than 60% local content. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, it also costs no more than competing products sourced from overseas.

                         ( above : concept sketch of the final SURU design, by Michael Uhlarik )

Most e-bikes are retro-fitted conventional bicycles, assembled using off-the-shelf frames and bolted-on powertrain parts.  SURU breaks this paradigm with a clean-sheet design that fulfills personal point-to-point transportation needs without breaking or breaking the bank. 

SURU is a professionally designed, engineered and manufactured product with a hand-crafted touch.  Our company is made up of motorcycle, motor sport and cycling enthusiasts who not only possess the technical expertise to develop new vehicles, but love creating things that move you.  We all ride, drive, and race with passion.


                                                            OUR MISSION

Funded by the founding partners and outside investors, SURU aims to become a major player in the electric bike market and a significant manufacturer in Atlantic Canada. 

  • Pride - Make a great product that SURU and our customers can be proud of
  • Trust - Build a vehicle and a brand that you can depend on
  • Responsibility - Every SURU reduces car dependence and supports our community 

                                                                   THE TEAM

  • Michael Uhlarik - Co-founder, design and product planning lead
  • Kevin O'Neil - Co-founder, mechanical design, engineering
  • Arash Moallemi - Partner, advertising, multimedia
  • Christopher Bowes - Partner, IT, software integration 
  • Kevin Stoneman - Partner, mechanical design, engineering



    SURU personal mobility cycles exist because commuting, running errands, or any other short, point-to-point travel should be fun as well as responsible and economical.