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SURU Scrambler - A Universal Motorcycle

SURU Scrambler - A Universal Motorcycle

A few weeks ago, we gently sent pictures and some press materials into the world about the 2019 SURU Scrambler.  What we hoped would amount to some early constructive feedback ahead of launch turned into a tsunami of enthusiasm.

SURU has a simple mandate: we want to make fun, easy to use personal mobility vehicles that don't compromise on comfort and safety or cost a lot.  Anyone with a job should enjoy the dignity of mobility, and they should not need complex training or expensive hurdles to jump over to get it.

The SURU S19, the mass-market version of the One Fifty we introduced last year, delivers on that promise.  Its push-button on switch, twist and go operation make it as easy to use as a bicycle but delivers the smooth no-nonesense feel of a scooter. It gotten cheaper this year even as the battery has increased range up to 70 kms!

What we heard over and over again at tide shows and via social media was how some loved SURU but wanted more.  More power.  More finesse.  More off-road capability.

That is why we developed the SURU Scrambler.  Based on the same robust and versatile frame as every other SURU, the Scrambler features a wider, flatter handlebar, 17" x 3" knobby tires, a pleated seat and custom paint.  

Like ever SURU the Scrambler is a street legal pedal-assist bicycle, so no license or insurance is required and the top speed is restricted to 32 km/h (20 mph), but it can go places the regular SURU can't.  Better grip and a wider stance mean more control over rough terrain or just easier curb hopping in the city.

Many people all over the world are moto-curious and would love to try a motorcycle.  But most are afraid of the power, the size and the power.  Most people never learn to ride a motorcycle and spent a lifetime glancing at them from afar. 

SURU Scrambler is the universal motorcycle entry point.  It looks cool.  It has a low seat height, and incredibly light weight even compared to 50cc dirt bikes.  Best of all, there are no gears, clutch or power levels to understand or master.  

If you can ride a bicycle, you can safety enjoy SURU.  Style, mobility, and dignity, all at a price within reach of anyone.

We are proud of the SURU Scrambler, and confident that it and it's future siblings connect with commuters, bikers and the moto-curious for many years to come.